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More Wealth Less Taxes Book
More Wealth Less Taxes Book Preview

About the book

Have you ever watched a documentary on how salmon swim upstream? It’s a perfect picture of how most people think and feel about financial independence. Whether young or approaching retirement, self-employed, or building a career, it seems like an exhausting upstream battle. The rushing water could be compared with the nonstop flow of information, contradicting opinions, and the jargon financial professionals use. More Wealth, Less Taxes teaches you how to navigate these tumultuous waters (and avoid the grizzly bear) so you can achieve your financial goals more efficiently.

Meet the author

Lance Belline is a Certified Financial Planner and CEO of Lighthouse Financial, an advisory firm in Rogers, Arkansas. Lance communicates in plain-spoken English, with warmth and familiarity. He makes the complex understandable, using before-and-after stories to demonstrate his wisdom. He’s motivated by a desire to see others around him thrive financially. He teaches them to grow wealth, give generously and maximize tax efficiency. When he’s not helping others navigate financial waters, you can find Lance skiing on the waters, swinging on the golf course, and spending time with his wife and three children.

Lance Belline

"Out of everything I have ever read or watched to get a better understanding of money, this book hands down has helped me so much at such an early age to understand concepts and things that were so foreign to me and make them so relatable that I felt confident in my ability to make smarter decisions with my money. It makes complicated concepts overly easy and I'm just thankful this book was created to help guide people like me."

— Dylan Radcliffe

Self-Employed Lawn Care Service

Student Worker for Arkansas Razorback Sports Nation & ESPN

"Lance has a unique ability to simplify complex ideas, extract the items of highest importance, and present them in a way that is easy to understand. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to lock in a high level of confidence in their financial future."

— Mike Prince

Walmart Vice President, Supply Chain Innovation and Automation

"This book was far from boring, even though the subject was outside of my general knowledge area. Oh, how I wish I had read or heard some of this information when I was young! Couldn't recommend this read enough."

— Susan Byram


"This book packs a punch for anyone looking to take care of their financial future. The amount of life-changing content is next level."

— Michael Lieberman

Partner, Advisors Capital Management

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